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Meet the New Chairperson: Insights from the Latest AGM

Updated: Jan 27

A new chairperson has been elected at the latest AGM in July 2023. James Roberts, from Gerrards Cross (Bucks), is the new chairperson of Southern Region. David Bradley, the outgoing chairperson, has instead been elected as treasurer.

The committee also welcomes Antonio Frulio as our new Vice - Chairperson.

James and Antonio work together at Luso International Fencing and Salle Eton and they are both coaching in many schools in the region.

The Committee also thanks Esther for the amazing job done in the past few years.

The new Committee is ready

The newly elected officers, with the help of Allen and Lorna Cooke, Neil Bromley and Marcus Messer, are ready to organise a series of amazing events for all the fencers in the region.

If you would like to congratulate the new Committee, leave a comment or like this post.

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