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"Recapping the Highlights: The Southern Region 2024 Senior Championships Medal Winners"

The 2024 Southern Region Senior Championships are over and it is time to celebrate all who took part. This year the event got moved to a new venue, Altwood School in Maidenhead.

40 fencers stepped on the 7 pistes prepared by the volunteers from Luso International Fencing. A great, friendly atmosphere and cakes prepared by the volunteers made for a good day of fencing and fun.

There was not much difference in terms of participants from last year when a total of 42 fencers took part in the championships. A major difference was in the ending time of the event, where last year the last competition (Men's sabre) ended at 5.42pm, this year at 4pm everything was already packed away and the last few volunteers were cleaning the venue. The Women's Foil event doubled the number of participants, going from 4 in 2023 to 8 this year. Men's foil kept the same number of participants while Men's Epee, Men's Sabre and Women's Epee lost 2 fencers each, with Men's Epee being again the most attended event.


These are the final results:

Men's Epee

1st - Garrick So - Luso International Fencing

2nd - Ross Will - Reading Fencing Club

3rd - Barbasiewicz Philippe - Reading Fencing Club

3rd - Dodson Dylan - Abingdon Vale / Luso International Fencing

5th - Bateman Steven - Raeding Fencing Club

5th - Carpenter George - Wessex Blades Fencing Club

7th - Bradley David - Club Escrime Winchester

8th - Alam Muaadh - Luso International Fencing

9th Holliday Samuel - Luso International Fencing

10th - Hickman Brad - Romsey Fencing Club

11th - Hinkley Aiden - Swindon Fencing Club

12th - Orrick So - Luso International Fencing

13th - Kwan James - Espada Fencing Club

14th Hughes Michael - Reading Fencing Club


Women's Epee

1st - Feming Phoenix - Unattached

2nd - Sibley Donna - Espada Fencing Club

3rd - Larionova Anna - Luso International Fencing

3rd - Baker Katherine - Romsey Fencing Club

5th - Ryan Elizabeth - Reading Fencing Club

6th - Petruseviciute Tia - Luso International Fencing


Men's Foil

1st - Stahl Matthew - Sarum Swords

2nd - Bradbury Magnus - Club Escrime Winchester

3rd - England Holland Elliott - Espada Fencing Club

3rd - Samuelson Dominik - Salle Eton Fencing Club

5th - Houston Peter - Salisbury Fencing Club

6th - Yeung Pok Man Brandan - Espada Fencing Club

7th - Bishop Chris - Romsey Fencing Club

8th - Hawtree Jasper - Luso International Fencing

9th - Bestow Thomas - Romsey Fencing Club

10th - England Holland Matthew - Espada Fencing Club


Women's Foil

1st - Sibley Donna - Espada Fencing Club

2nd - Fleming Phoenix - Unattached

3rd - Townsend Dawn - Romsey Fencing Club

3rd - Baker Katherine - Romsey Fencing Club

5th - Mooney Rebecca - Oxford Fencing Club

6th - Gray Bryony - Abingdon Fencing Club

7th - Shannon Joanna - Club Escrime Winchester

8th Anderson Abbylee - Romsey Fencing Club


Men's Sabre

1st - Wang Yuanrong - Unattached

2nd - Tsao Jasper - Unattached

3rd - Morris Carl - Seacourt Fencing Club

3rd - Howes Daniel - Salisbury Fencing Club

5th - Kwan James - Esapda Fencing Club

6th - Hughes Michael - Reading Fencing Club

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